De Cádiz a Buenos Aires

7 March – 2020 
Auditorium Comunale “Elio Venier”– Via Roma, 40- Pasian di Prato

El Flamenco y el Tango (espectáculo en Pasian di Prato)

Both the flamenco and the tango, milonga and criollo waltz, are music that is found precisely “between two worlds”, with its own well-differentiated characteristics and at the same time with mutual influences and common legacies. 

The musical performance is accompanied by projections of images and video-surveying the period and the social context associated with each of the program’s sections. There will also be a flamenco dance and a live tango dance. 

  • Pablo Despeyroux – guitar, arrengements, composition and video. 
  • Ballerini: Urska Centra, (flamenco) Lucía Arraya e Julio Altez (tango)

    Done with the support of “Fundación SGAE”