13 march. Biblioteca Santuario di San Antonio – 20:00

The music of Livio Gianola is very personal and in line with his artistic path. 
With a wonderful guitar technique for several years, he fascinates the international public with his original works, characterised by refined harmonies and captivating melodies.  
His concerts are characterised by pieces of a unique musical creativity, given that in performing his compositions he shows how you can add different colors, styles and sound forms to the typical atmosphere of flamenco – the result of a background of enormous artistic depth.  
The result is a true touch of Italianness in a context usually identified as exclusive to the Spanish context, so much so that the composer, today, is the ideal ambassador and trait d’union between the two cultures. 

A musician with a technical and cultural background that led him to develop a very personal and unique style – an aspect that, over time, has earned him the admiration and esteem of the greatest flamenco artists; from guitarist Paco de Lucia to dancer and choreographer Antonio Canales, just to name a few.