13th June 

In the Via Dante Park (Parco del Drago on Google maps) 6.30pm  

Gemona del Friuli 
Matteo Sgobino – vocals and guitar  
Sebastiano Frattini – violin  
Alessandro Turchet – double bass 
Lune Troublante is a trio or quartet of jazz/swing or jazz/manouche music composed by musicians from various musical backgrounds but united by the musical passion for French swing of the 40s. The trio or quartet is based on the classics of the Gypsy-Jazz tradition, a musical genre born in the 1940s in Paris at the hands of the gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt and the violinist Stephan Grappelli in the group Quintette du Hot Club de France, which combined jazz-American swing with popular French music. Their music is therefore vivacious and complex, full of rhythm and improvisational virtuosity. The repertoire of the Lune Troublante ranges freely through the jazz/manouche classics (compositions by Django Reinhardt, French waltzes/musettes of the time) and American jazz standards (Duke Ellington, Gershwin, Porter etc.). Over the years, Lune Troublante has also developed an original repertoire that blends the gypsy tradition with a more modern elaboration from the great rhythmic, melodic variety and with lyrics in Italian. The group is also distinguished by the use of similar tools and type of original instruments of the time, in particular to the amazing Selmer/Maccaferri guitars.